7 Herbal Remedies For Skin Problems

herbal skin careSkin diseases, injuries and other problems can affect people of all ages. Wherever we go, we are at risk of developing skin-related diseases. Skin may include hair, skin and nails.

Recent advances enable dermatologists to treat different types of childhood and adult skin conditions that could not be treated before. While dermatologists can now perfect skin for men and women of almost all ages, it is still important for us to know the natural ways of intervening for different skin problems, as these ways are safer than the advanced and technological ones.

Listed below are some of the herbal remedies found at home that can be used in treating skin-related conditions.


Aloe Vera is one of the most popular herbal remedies for skin. It has soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help treat sunburn, psoriasis, eczema and acne by replenishing the skin’s moisture. It also lessens the visibility of stretch marks. Because it is rich in nutrients, it can heal the skin quicker and promote hair health. It also acts as a protective barrier against further damage.

How to use Aloe Vera:
Cut the base of an aloe vera leaf using scissors. Extract the gel inside with a spoon. Apply a thin layer of gel on your skin or scalp.


The extract of an arnica flower has antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties which are of benefit to those with inflammatory skin disorders. Because of its healing properties, it can be used on sunburn, minor burns, bruises, sprains, and head bumps.

How to use Arnica Flower Extract:
Add the flower’s extract to water and apply it to your skin.


Peppermint can be used for bug bites and itching, because it provides a cooling sensation that’ll give you relief. Because of its vitamins and minerals, it can also be used to promoted hair health. It can treat dandruff and hair lice.

How to use peppermint leaves:
Crush up the leaves and rub the peppermint on your skin or scalp. You could also freeze the crushed peppermint leaves into ice cubes if it is ti be used for bug bites. The coldness of the ice cubes helps in numbing the affected area and alleviates swelling.


Garlic has large amount of allicin. allicin has antifungal, anti-aging, antioxidant and skin smoothing properties. It is also known to increase antioxidant levels of the skin and body. There is also a presence of sulfur in garlic which helps prevent infections and in reduce inflammation. Thus, using garlic can help get rid of acne, spots and pimples. Garlic also has anti fungal properties, which helps you get rid of itchy athlete’s foot and eczema. It can also be used to prevent hai loss as it contains sulfur.

How to use garlic:
Cut a freshly piece of garlic and apply a pressure on it to release some juice. Rub this on the affected area. Leave it for 5 minutes and was off with cold water. Redness and swelling should be reduced within the day. This also helps in preventing acne marks on your skin.

You may also add the crushed garlic in a bath of warm water and soak your feet in it.

For hair loss prevention, just rub the garlic on your scalp while squeezing it. You may also add oil in it.

Primrose oil has an antioxidant property. It neutralizes free radicals which are caused by pollution, stress and sun exposure that are causing the skin to look weary. It makes the skin look fresh. Because primrose oil is rich in fatty acids, it can also prevent blemishes and reduce redness and itchiness.

It also prevents formation of acne by moisturizing the skin. It also lightens dark circles under the eyes which are caused by stress. It regulated the pigmentation of the skin.

How to use evening primrose oil:
Wash your skin, and then gently apply the evening primrose oil in the affected skin area. Leave it fir 10 minutes before washing it off.


Ginseng is known to be a popular ingredient in anti-aging facial moisturizers. It has the ability to boost the skin’s collagen and it can act as a whitener. But there are other skin benefits that ginseng can give you which include fighting hair loss. Ginseng facilitates proper blood circulation and oxygen absorption by the blood. Improved health helps in fighting hair loss.

Calendula has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is used for sunburns, rashes, insect bites and other skin irritations. It is also used for cuts, wounds, for healing piercings, lacerations, bedsores and rashes.

How to use Calendula:
Infuse calendula with olive oil. Strain the herbs out of the oil. Let all the oil drip out and then squeeze the herbs to get the remaining oil out. Apply the oil to the affected area of the skin.

What Exactly is Herbal Therapy?

herbal healthAlso known as botanical medicine or herbalism, herbal medicine is a medical system that’s based on using plants or plant extracts, eaten or applied to the skin. This type of medicine has been used by a variety of different cultures throughout the entire world, in order to assist bodily functions and treat a variety of illnesses. Herbal medicine is not a licensed profession in the U.S., the practice is scientifically backed, and it’s approved and recommended by healthcare providers of all disciplines as an easy way to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions.

The use of herbs and spices that have certain disease-preventive effects is an excellent way of taking advantage of the plants’ healing capabilities. In many cultures, the line between foods and medicines is blurred – it doesn’t even exist on some. An example spice turmeric, commonly used in curry dishes in India – due to the habit of consuming it, elderly inhabitants of India have a much lesser risk of Alzheimer’s than those on the rest of the world.

Herbal Medicine can be used to treat, or at least help with about every single medical condition known to men. Here’s a list containing a few popular herbal remedies:


Aloe is used topically for skin inflammations, skin irritation or problems with minor burns or sunburns.


Also used topically, Arnica helps with sprains, bruises, as well as sore muscles and joints.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a great tea that can be ingested to heal an upset stomach, helping with heartburns, indigestion and colic


Comfrey can be used for diabetic ulcers, bed sores, staph infections that are contracted on tropical beaches, and even some specific spiders’ bites.

Ginseng and Dong Quai

Ginseng can be used to improve stamina and general health. It can be used by men and women. Dong Quai has similar effects, but should be used by women only.


When ingested, garlic has the surprising capability of reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, and it’s effective at treating fungal infections and colds.


Not only ginger can be used as an anti-inflammatory, it’s also good for motion sickness and nausea


Mullein can be ingested in order to help with dry bronchial coughs, as well as chest congestion.


Peppermint Tea is useful for nausea, indigestion and other digestive problems. Peppermint oil can also be used in enteric-coated capsules, in order to treat chronic intestinal ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is useful for fungal infections, especially on the feet – such as athlete’s foot, or infections on the toenails. It’s effective for fingernail infection as well.

When looking for a herbal medicine practitioner, it’s important that you find someone with extensive training. A Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, as well as an Ayuvedic Medicine practitioner should consistently rely on herbs for treatments, and you might find experienced practitioners through the American Herbalist Guild.

Herbal medicine is a mainstay of naturopathic physicians such as NDs or NMDs. Such practitioners utilize natural approaches to deal with diseases and promote general well-being and health. When looking for a Naturopath, make sure they have attended a four-year medical school of naturopathy, so you can be sure that they’re capable professionals. Some MDs and osteopathic physicians are interested in natural remedies and herbal medicine, but they probably did not have herbal medicine included in their training.

Herbal medicine has a few key advantages over prescription drugs – since they’re all-natural, they’re much less likely to cause problems such as any serial adverse effects, and there’s much less risk of an accidental overdose or medicine abuse. Plants contain a wide variety of different compounds, many of which can be beneficial to our health. However, since there are many unsubstantiated claims about herbal medicine and it is not a regulated market, it’s a good idea to take into account a few tips:

Do not utilize whole dried herbs you can get in stores – dried plants deteriorate in the presence of light, air and moisture, and the more chopped up the plants are, the more likely it is to have lost the majority of its desirable qualities. For the same reason, you should avoid powdered herbs. Encapsulated or not, plants that are ground into powders get exposed to oxidation, making the substances in it deteriorate.

Another important thing is to always buy from reputable brands, and make sure to read the fine print and verify that their ingredients are pure. Look for preparations that have been harvested from wild stands, or organically cultivated, and never utilize products that do not list ingredients – some herbs from China, for instance, were contaminated by toxic metals. If at all possible, plant your herbal ingredients yourself, so you can make sure they’re pure and free from pesticides and other unwanted substances.

Let Food Be They Medicine

eat fresh foodWe have been sold a bill of junk goods. We have been told that out our health is not in our hands, that there’s nothing that we can do and that prescription medicine is the key to handling all of our health problems. I am here to tell you that we have all been lied to. No, we are not saying that there is never a reason to take presciption medicine but instead that there are other ways to heal the body. Often times these other ways work much better than the pill industries ways.

From My Own Life

I write this article as a person who has been on the front lines of the war for my health. One side of this war was my doctor and on the other end the knowledge I learned through my own research. This war was mainly over my type 2 diabetes. The doctor wanted to put me on pills. He wanted me to take a pill to lower my blood sugar and we wanted to put me on a statin for my increased blood pressure and slightly high cholesterol levels.

Like most people, I listened to my doctor and started the daily medicine-taking. The pills did exactly what my doctor said they would do, they lowered my blood sugar levels. The problems began when I actually started to respect my body by eating healthy and taking up a walking program every day. On one walk, I came back home severely fatigued and I checked my blood sugar. My blood sugar read was in the 20’s. For anyone who is familiar with blood sugar levels, they know that a normal reading is between 70 and 120. I was at near coma level and I crashed on the bed and slept for the next 5 hours. I was later told that I could have been severely sick or even died from that. After that day, I did the silliest thing that a diabetic could do, I bought sugar pills to take on my walk! Here I was taking a pill to lower my blood sugar and another one to increase so I didn’t faint while walking. There had to be a better way.

There Is A Better Way

“Let food be thy medicine” is an ancient Greek saying and it was as true then as it is now. Healthy food does several things for us but the main two things it does are: (1) It prevents health problems (2) It remedies health problems.

With my type 2 diabetes, I eventually healed it myself through lifestyle changes and changing my diet. Matter of fact, after one week of healthy eating and exercise, I never took another pill. Over 15 years later and I still do not have diabetes. Let food be thy medicine.

What Should You Eat?

This is a bag of worms but we must cover this territory. The first thing you must know is that there is no single one way to eat for all 7.5 billion people on earth. We all are different, we have different genetics and different issues. Even with that said, there are some universal do’s and don’ts to creating a healthy diet.

Before we go deeper into this dicussion on what to eat, we must first address the word diet. The word diet has many negative connotations for some people because for them it is all about restriction but we do not want you to see diet like that. Instead, we want you to see the diet that you are creating now a fixed way of eating you will use for the rest of your life, that is not about restriction but about eating an abundance of healthy foods. These healthy foods will make you feel great, they will help you maintain a healthy body weight and you will fill full and satisfied when you eat these foods.

The Universal Don’ts of Diet

When eating for health, you want to avoid all artificial foods, you want to avoid trans fats, simple sugars, fried foods, most cooking oils, junk foods, fast food and anything that doesn’t come in its natural form. It might be okay to have these foods once a month but they should never become weekly additions to your diet.

Food Medicine

The foods that act as natural medicines are those that are natural and healthy. Your diet should be full of all sorts of vegetables that are cooked in ways that do not diminish their health value. Also, try to eat plenty of raw leafy vegetables. If you are an animal eater, go for pasture raised animals that have not been shot full of hormones. Go for the lean cuts and not the overly fatty ones. When it comes to fats, stick to plant fats because they are easier for the body to pass through on the myocellular level.

If you stick to eating these types of foods, you will never be hungry, you will have a healthy body weight, you will be healthy and you will feel great.

Take Advantage of Natural Medicines At Home

home herbalsEven though we live in a world of healthcare that is tied to doctors and prescription drugs, there are many ways that we can ensure our good health with what we already have on hand at home, or from that which is easily obtainable.

Do you have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide at home in the medicine cabinet? Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best ways to clean out a cut, wound or scratch and kill germs on the spot. Its fizzing and bubbling action pulls out all of the dirt and microbes as soon as it touches the wound.

Did you know that one of the best antibiotics is garlic? Now, you probably don’t want to be chewing on cloves of garlic anytime soon, as you would soon have no friends. However, you can pick up capsules of odorless garlic at the health food store very inexpensively. Toothaches, fever, infections all fall by the wayside with this handy, and very available product. Take a capsule a day anyway, just for preventative measures.

Keep a container of drawing salve on hand for splinters, a topical antiseptic, and as a covering for cuts, scrapes, bug bits, poison ivy, eczema and psoriasis. This salve is based in a heavy coating that stops itching, sterilizes an area and protects it while the area heals.

For aches and pains you can get a pepper liniment to apply to the area. Just apply a small amount to the area where you have the pain and pat it around on the surface of the skin. The pepper element (usually a capsaicin type of pepper) will penetrate and dull the nerves, thus relieving the pain. The liniment is a good solution as it will evaporate and not soil your clothes.

For anxiety, one of the best ways to relax is to use aromatherapy. The scent of lavender oil, jasmine or sandalwood will leave you refreshed and relaxed, and your anxiety will be a thing of the past. Also be sure that your B vitamins are up to speed every day, as they are water soluble and need to be replenished on a daily basis.

For dry skin, get some refined coconut oil. Refined coconut oil is pretty much the same as organic, only it uses a different process to make it commercially available. The refinement takes out the taste and the smell of coconuts, but everything else is the same. Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid, and soaks readily into the skin, softening it very nicely.

For indigestion, take a small quantity of water with baking soda for immediate relief. Also hot peppermint tea will neutralize the acid in your stomach. Stay off of processed foods and fast foods, and stay with natural and whole foods.

For canker sores on the mouth and lips, prepare a paste of baking soda and a small portion of water, and apply to the sores. Plum juice is also an antidote for canker sores. Use a couple of tablespoons of the plum juice and rinse your mouth for a few minutes and you will find relief.

Shingles is an offshoot of the chicken pox that you had as a child. The virus of the chicken pox becomes dormant and resides along the spine. When your immune system is low, it can become live, and the result is shingles, with very painful lesions that appear on the midsection of the body, on the back, chest and abdominal areas. At times it will appear on the face, neck and scalp.

To put shingles back in place stop the ingestion of all sugar, get your B vitamins up and over the top, and take a tea made of Pau D’Arco, which comes form the bark of a tree that grows in Brazil and Chile. Take a full glass of the warm tea five times a day, and you see the lesions and the pain recede.

Asthma is a swelling and inflammation of the membranes of the trachea and breathing areas of the lungs. The airways get inflamed and irritated making it difficult to breathe.

Honey is one of the items that can bring instant relief. Try holding a jar of honey up to the nose of the person suffering from the asthma, and have them inhale. In many cases it will bring relief right away.

There are triggers to asthma too, such as smoke, dirty air, a high pollen count, dust and other irritants in the air. Get the patient to an area where these irritants are not present.

If a person is asthmatic, be sure that they eat a well balance diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and stay away from fatty and processed food. Especially cut down on sugary foods and soft drinks. Keep the C, B and E vitamins in the system up to a high level.

There are many more natural remedies for the ailments and illnesses that beset us. Go to the health food store or go online and do your own research, and you will find a wealth of information in this area.

A Beginner’s Guide To The Most Well Known And Effective Medicinal Herbs

common herbal remediesSince the dawn of time herbs and plants have been utilized as medicinal treatments. Researchers have found that the beneficial properties of organic herbs are far more advantageous than any synthetic pharmaceutical. While synthetic medication can be useful, it can be detrimental to one’s health and may have a side effect of only worsening the presenting medical condition. This article will provide information on the most well known medicinal herbs available worldwide. The article will also discuss the different types of conditions that can be treated with that particular plant.

1. Chamomile

Chamomile is a flower that is considered to be one of the cure-all medicinal plants. It is commonly utilized as a sedative and is generally used to reduce inflammation around an injury. This product is generally used as a type of tea, but it can also be administered as a compress. As a compress, the plant is crushed and sheathed in an organic fabric, which is then applied to the injured area for the relevant amount of time.

Unfortunately, chamomile can have some side effects. The most common side effect is increased sleepiness and dizziness. While being considered a safe treatment, this flower can interfere with the body’s reaction to different medications. If one has pre-existing medical conditions and is required to take medication, it is best to complete research on the plant and/or contact a medical professional before administration.

2. Garlic

Garlic is a well known organic medicine and presents itself in either a root form or cloves. Garlic is most commonly used as a treatment for high cholesterol and blood pressure. Research has indicated that it also has antibacterial compounds that will increase the strength of one’s immune system. Garlic has been noted as an organic supplement for cancer treatment, and has also been noted to prevent potential forming of cancer.

Despite being considered a safe treatment by the FDA, this medicinal product should not be used by individuals taking medication for blood clotting. The administration of garlic with present medication can increase clotting and induce blood conditions, despite boosting the immune system. It is also recommended that one steer clear of garlic before any dental or surgical procedures.

3. Ginger

One of the most common Asian medicinal herbs is that of ginger. Ginger is a root that can be used to relieve feelings of nausea and indigestion. It is most effective among individuals who are undergoing chemotherapy or are suffering nausea caused by pregnancy.

Unfortunately, as with all products, the administration of ginger can cause side effects. The most common side effects include bloating, heartburn and digestive discomfort. It has also been noted to increase feelings of nausea, but this is dependent on the individual’s medical history and present medical condition.

4. Feverfew

Feverfew is a leafy plant that was traditionally used to treat different types of fevers, but nowadays it is used primarily to prevent headaches and treat arthritis. Research has indicated that migraines can be effectively treated by feverfew; however, the effectiveness of the treatment is dependent on an individual’s present medical condition.

The disadvantages of using feverfew are far greater than ginger, garlic and chamomile. While being considered a safe homeopathic treatment, the side effects of feverfew include mouth ulcers and gastrointestinal irritation. It has also been noted that individuals who suddenly cease administration of feverfew may experience chronic headaches and severe migraines.

5. Echinacea

Echinacea is a very well known herb that is generally utilized to treat colds, flu and infections. Research has indicated that it is also useful in boosting one’s immune system, which contributes to the speedy healing of physical injuries. Unfortunately, this herb also presents with various drawbacks.

Similar to chamomile, echinacea can be utilized as a ‘cure-all’ product, but it has very serious side effects. People allergic to plants in the daisy family may have detrimental reactions to echinacea, such as dizziness, inflammation, and redness around the eyes. Furthermore, one should not utilize this herb if already taking medication as it can cause liver damage. Before administering this plant one should consider one’s medical history and consult with a medical professional.

6. Gingko

The gingko leaf is a common homeopathic treatment for various respiratory conditions, such as asthma and bronchitis. It can also be used as treatment for fatigue, headaches, and tinnitus. Research has indicated that this plant is beneficial in improving memory, increasing levels of attention, and reducing the risk of dementia or other brain conditions. How gingko works is not fully understood, but its effectiveness is noteworthy.

One of the most important factors to consider when administering gingko is that the seeds must not be used. It is only the extract from the leaf that should be administered as the seeds contain high levels of toxic compounds. This toxin can have severe side effects, such as seizures and bleeding. If utilized in a large amount, the side effects can be lethal. It should also be noted that gingko is not suitable for individuals using anti-inflammatory drugs, anticonvulsant medication, or tricyclic antidepressants.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen there are various types of herbs and plants that can be used as effective treatment for different conditions; however, it is important to have an understanding of the plant as the side effects can be deadly.

Using Natural Medicine To Your Advantage

herbal medicineLong time ago, when traditional medicine wasn’t yet developed, people used natural remedies to heal their various ailments and to improve their health and well-being. They discovered that, for instance, if they consumed a certain root whenever they had stomach problems, their symptoms were very much alleviated. They observed the effects various plants had on their body, thus learning how to make use of them to make the pain the the discomfort fade away. They noticed some plants made them sleepy, so they learned to use them to fight insomnia. This list could go on for a long while. The main point is that some of these ancient people realized the benefits of plants on the human body and that’s how natural medicine was born.

Each village had its own healers, a group of individuals who did nothing else but study the plants and their effects. When in pain, villagers would go to the healers and ask for some remedy to allow them regain their health. Staying healthy was crucial in those times, as everyone needed to hunt and gather food for surviving. They didn’t have the benefits of a medical leave, they didn’t have shops and they didn’t have money. Being a good hunter allowed you and your family live yet another day. Bad hunters were doomed, as there was no other way to feed yourself than get out there and collect your own food.

Back to our modern times, we started to rely more and more on traditional medicine and on chemicals to heal ourselves. If we have a headache, we rush to take a pain killer to make it go away. If our stomach bothers us, we take one or two more pills to restore our wellness. For each and every disease and condition out there, there are probably dozens of chemical drugs that promise a quick fix.

Under these circumstances, it’s easy to understand that we have forgotten the healing powers nature has. However, over the past decade, people started to become more and more aware that natural medicine can also work very well in many situations. Indeed, why take chemicals if you can make a pain go away by drinking some herbal tea? Why take sleeping pills when you can use at least five or six natural remedies that have the same effect?

Although many people believe all natural extracts, herbs and plants are safer than chemical drugs, things aren’t always like this. Nonetheless, it’s true that some plants can help you stay in good health without putting any burden on your organs or on your digestive system.

Modern technology allowed for plants to be available as extracts, so you can find them in the shape of nutritional supplements in most shops and pharmacies. They are available without medical prescription, so you can simply go to the store, ask for what you need and buy it. Nonetheless, you need to be aware that even plants can harm you, so you should discuss with your doctor about your intention of taking any natural supplements, especially if you suffer from chronic diseases which require a permanent treatment. The reason is that some plants and herbal extracts are known to interact with some chemical drugs, so you risk of rendering those treatments ineffective or even harmful, if you mix those compounds in your body.

Natural medicine isn’t safe only because it’s natural. This is a fallacy, and you shouldn’t fall for it. There are specialists in natural medicine you can visit in order to get a proper diagnosis and a treatment that’s going to be appropriate for your health condition. You can find such specialists by doing an online search, so you shouldn’t have a hard time in getting professional advice. However, if you feel like becoming a specialist yourself, you can do so, provided that you learn everything you can about the various plants and their health benefits. This could be a very interesting read and a good method of improving your knowledge about nature and about the human body. It is fascinating to see how a simple seed can help you feel better and be in a happier mood day after day, without having to go to psychiatrists and take lots of pills.

Herbs, spices and roots belong to a fascinating world. It is in our power to enter this world by learning everything we can about the properties of various types of plants. This kind of knowledge could enable us maintain an excellent health and a good shape for a very long time, without needing costly and painful medical treatments or surgeries. However, we all need to be aware that traditional medicine is also very powerful, so we need to be able to know when we need to go visit a doctor and when we can get away with some herbal supplements.

Holistic and Healthy Living For Perfect Well-Being

stress reductionA healthy life is not focused on a single aspect of health alone, like weight loss; it is all about overall balance. Many people think that being healthy means losing weight. That if you’ve got a great and sexy body, you’re healthy. That the lower your weight is, the better. It’s no wonder weight loss pills and diet programs are very in demand today. But, the fact is, healthy is not equal to losing weight. Being healthy is much more than that. To be healthy means to stay within the right range of weight according to your age. It means a holistic well-being-physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Today people are inundated from many different sources on exactly what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. With all this information it is easy to see why some may be confused. Here are some holistic and health living tips that can help boost your overall well being.


Eat natural and organic foods. This cannot be emphasized enough. This is is the only way to live a holistic and healthy life.

Many people are in the habit of eating their food too fast. By slowing down and enjoying the foods that you eat it will also allow your body to absorb more of the nutrients and vitamins that it needs. Doing this you will improve both your digestive and immune systems. Remember that a strong immune system will help protect you from illness and disease.

It is important that you get 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. If you are a person who drinks a lot of sugary drinks try to cut back. It is easy for the body to sometimes confuse dehydration with hunger. When you drink adequate amounts of water each day the chance of overeating is reduced and it is more likely you will not become overweight or obese.

Reduce the amount of red meat that you eat. Many people are simply in the habit of eating too much red meat. Try to eat one or two meals a week which do not contain meat. You do not have to cut out meat completely but reducing the amount you eat is a healthier and wiser choice.

In the age where everything seems to be super sized it is much healthier to eat smaller meals more often. This will help you keep your metabolism operating at peak performance and protect you from becoming overweight or obese. Being overweight is one of the biggest obstacles to living a healthy lifestyle.


Due to the hectic lifestyles that many of us live we do not always get an adequate amount of sleep each night. This negatively affects our health in several ways. When you are tied waking up you do not have the energy or concentration to get you through the day. Make sure that you get eight hours of sleep each night and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better you will start to feel.

Stress Relief

We live in a society where many are under increasing amounts of stress. This can come in many forms. We may be stressed out due to work schedules, family situations or just the environment we find ourselves in. Stress management is something that is often overlooked. Occasional stress is not a problem but when it becomes chronic it can be. Over prolonged periods of time stress can negatively affect your health by depleting your body of the vitamins and nutrients that it requires. You should make time each day to relax and mellow out. This can be in the form of reading, yoga or simply by removing yourself from a stressful situation. Try to do this for at least a half hour per day.


In the age of the couch potato it is imperative that you have some type of exercise program that you can maintain for the long run. If you do not already have an exercise program sit back for a few minutes and think about what you enjoy doing. It may be walking, dancing with your spouse, weightlifting or swimming. If you are doing something that you enjoy it is much easier stick with it over the long run.

Regular exercise benefits your health in many different ways that is why it is so important. It helps to avoid a variety of diseases and illnesses by making our bodies stronger. You will be surprised at how much better you feel and how much more energy you have in a very short amount of time.

In summary, there is an abundance of very good information available to people today that can help them live a healthier lifestyle. These are a few holistic and health living tips that you can implement and will have a positive impact on your well-being and overall happiness.

Good Health and Nature

nature and healthWhen we stop and consider the state of health in a general sense we do have a sense of some satisfaction in knowing that we still have one of the most robust and technologically sound health care systems in the world.

We have some of the most highly trained and some of the most successful medical programs in all the world, as evidenced by the numbers of foreign individuals who come to the United States for serious medical conditions.

However, there is one major problem in the entire mix and that is that, even though we shine in our abilities to solve medical situations and are able to alleviate many a medical crisis, we still do not do as well as we might in the prevention of some of our health issues.

One only has to reflect back just a hundred years ago or so and think about what people did to achieve a state of good health, and it was the fact that they relied more on nature, its preventative qualities, and the availability of remedies from nature upon which the majority of our population relied.

For one thing, almost everyone had a garden, where the majority of their vegetables came from. Fresh tomatoes, potatoes, beans, lettuce, broccoli, greens, and other healthful produce were the staple of our everyday diets. There were no pesticides, chemicals, or other harmful treatments and what the people got was healthy from the word go.

The meat that people ate came largely from locally butchered livestock that was grown without hormones, antibiotics and other additives. Fresh fruit came from somebody’s orchard, which once again was simply grown without all of the chemically originated pesticides and such.

There were little, if any, processed foods, and most of the food originated from a local population of farms and growers, that were common to the area. Food did not have to be shipped for any distance, so it did not have to be irradiated or artificially preserved.

People worked at more physically demanding occupations, such as farming, factory labor and other things that required more energy, as all of the labor saving devices we take for granted today were not invented yet.

It is though that people did not live as long 100 years or so ago, but that is not totally true, as many reached their 90s and beyond. It is just that our medical industry has gotten better at handling emergencies such as accidents, heart attacks and other sudden emergencies, which back in the day, there was n technology available to handle these instances.

Today, however, we can achieve much the same balance between how we live and how we can still take advantage of the bounty that nature can offer. We can still have our own garden, even though most of us would have to learn all over again how to have a successful garden.

We are very used to the “instant result” syndrome, as we are very impatient when it comes to things like growing a garden, as that takes time, effort, and some specialized knowledge that we will have to learn about.

But to make a point, there is nothing stopping us from learning how to grow a nice, successful, and thus very nourishing vegetable garden.

We can still work at finding lean meat from organic sources, or at least sources that offer fresh meat that is not loaded down with all of the hormones and chemicals. If you search hard enough you can find Amish communities, and other farming areas where more natural processes are used to grow their crops and livestock.

Rather than cow’s milk, you might want to try goat’s milk which is really similar in consistency and in taste, but is also much better for you. You can also get all of your fruits and vegetables the same way. You just have to look around a little bit to find where you need to go to pick these things up.

Look online for farmer’s markets in your area, and you will find sources for produce and fresh lean meats. Just figure that if you are buying these items form a major grocery store chain, you will be getting more GMO and processed foods.

Educate yourself a little bit more as well as far as what natural remedies you can stock up on for minor first aid and relief from aches and pains, and other common ailments. For example, use hydrogen peroxide to clean cuts and wounds, a drawing salve for splinters, sterilizing wounds, and taking care of skin problems. Find a pepper liniment for aches and pains will solve that problem well, and save your clothes from stains.

We can do a lot for ourselves by knowing more about how our ancestors used natural means to solve lots of their medical problem, used better foods for better health, and were better educated in these areas than we are. However, if we stay uneducated, then we only have ourselves to blame.

All About Green Living Homes

eco friendly homesIn many homes today, the way of living has tremendously changed because people want to have green living homes. Someone wants to change the environment of the house, and it requires a lot of thinking and considerations. Many people are embracing this new trend, and it has some effects on the way we live. However, the notion of going green has been misunderstood to some extents.

Many are the times when the environmentalists or the activists of this campaign inform people the need of having environmentally friendly products, and they end up causing more confusion to the people. However, it is now possible to change the old of thinking due to some benefits going green offers. The price is also friendly, and the designs are attractive to the users. Below are some useful tips that will help you change your old ways to the much needed earth friendly methods for your home.

First, you need to reduce the consumption of your electricity. Many people forget to turn off the appliances after use, and this consumes a lot of energy that translates to high electrical bills. You will be amazed to know that you can reduce your average bill by 6% to about 20% that is a huge difference on your monthly budget.

Insulating the entire house is also a good way of conserving the energy that costs so much money. Ensure you have installed wooden floors that will make the house warmer. Doing this will save you a lot of money on your energy consumption during severe weather conditions.

On the water usage in your home, you can buy more economical faucets that will help you conserve some of it. Facilities like the kitchen and the bathroom should have well-fitted faucets that give moderate water to the user. On the gardens, you can purchase irrigation pipes that are known to conserve the water usage.

In the kitchen, you will require counters or cabinets that are environmentally friendly and they come in stone or metal materials. The tops can be recycled, and this makes it easier to buy and use. It is possible to get one from $100 to $150 per square foot.

Going Green is now possible because of the mindset of the people. Be among the people embracing it and you will enjoy the new environment. Do not be afraid to try some methods that will save the cash and environment.

Although the installation of solar energy cells is expensive, the fact that it provides a great remedy is quite undeniable. The difficult part is actually making the purchase of the solar panels and the energy converters. The installation is equally something that will cost you a fortune. However, this is not something to deter your dream of using such a cost-effective system. In fact, this is a project that is worth acquiring a loan for. The reason is that it is an unfailing project that guarantees you of its effectiveness. Should you realize that it is still not affordable, you need not despair. You can still install the solar-powered lights that are as well very beneficial.

This is a project that you must keenly think about before you set your mind to your venture. The reason is that you are likely to spend so much. In case you are not properly prepared, you may end up coming to a halt, rendering the used money unreturned.

From a lighting perspective, there are some changes you may consider making. Like, you may talk about using energy saving bulbs. No coaxing, though. Only do so when you find it necessary.

You should equally check into the HVAC systems. There are some careless things that most people do. My dad will tell you (from experience while he worked as an air guy) that you are likely to spend so much in repairs if you fail to consider the best units right from the word go. They may be a little too expensive but they are worth it.

In the end, eco friendly kitchen design favours the bamboo and cork floorings. This is especially considered most by the interior designers. It calls for a professional so that they give the kitchen an elegant look. For instance, they prefer the equivalent of bamboo for the cabinets.

In order for you to enjoy the benefits of having a green living home, be sure to hire a professional contractor who understand how to build a home to higher energy efficiency and offer custom design features. You may need to consider dealing with a company that has been awarded highest rating from Energy Star Rating.

By so doing, your green home will be more comfortable, quieter, and you will enjoy low energy bill by utilizing enhanced insulation package. You will also have high performance heating and cooling systems in your home. What all these mean is that you will be able to protect environment by reducing green house gas.

All You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Cleaning

eco friendly cleaningThe increase in air and land pollution has caused all individuals in contemporary society to think carefully about the health of the environment. We are all aware that our habits must change in order to preserve natural resources and one should engage in different eco-friendly behavior. This can range from cleaning with eco friendly products to drinking less bottled water. This article will provide information regarding eco friendly cleaning products. It will also identify the different factors to consider when becoming an eco friendly cleaner.

What Is An Eco Friendly Cleaning Product?

Basically, an eco friendly cleaning product is a cleaning product that does not contain and environment damaging ingredients. Commercial cleaning agents typically have chemical ingredients that assist in removing stains at a microscopic level. While this is beneficial, it can cause damage to the item and environment. By operating with harsh chemicals, the surface of the item will be destroyed easily and it may be necessary to replace the surface material sooner than if one were to utilize organic products.

What Are The Benefits Of An Eco Friendly Cleaning Product?

1. Blisters And Rashes

As is mentioned above, the synthetic cleaning products contain large amounts of dangerous chemicals. Of course, while beneficial, the acid in these products will have very damaging effects on both the item and individuals utilizing them. If one does not wear protective cleaning gear, the chemical cleaning products can cause rashes or blisters. If not treated soon, the blisters and rashes can cause additional skin conditions. An organic, eco friendly product will not have these effects and can, in some cases, have positive effects on the cleaner’s hands.

2. Children

In addition to cleaning the item, the chemical-laden cleaning products will leave behind a thin residue which can be toxic. This residue is often present for long periods of time, which can cause damage to individuals using the item. For example, if one cleans a table with a commercial agent it will leave a slight residue on the table surface. If this table is then used by children it could cause physical damage and detrimental skin conditions. If the children are toddlers, there is a greater chance that the chemical residue will be ingested.

3. Biodegradable

When left for long periods of time, the aforementioned residue can increase the toxicity of the environment around the cleaned item. This increasing toxicity, especially in water bodies, will influence the health of the natural resources and can lead to poor degradation of elements. The organic cleaning products are non-toxic which will support the act of agent decomposition. This is eco friendly as it means the products are biodegradable.

4. Preservation

Unlike chemical cleaning agents, the organic and eco friendly agents will preserve surfaces for a longer period. The organic agents do not present any harsh effect on the item and improves its appearance without decomposition or toxic residue. In fact, surveys have indicated that the lifespan of items cleaned with organic materials is longer than those cleaning with artificial products.

How Does One Become An Eco Friendly Cleaner?

1. Avoid Chemicals

As can be assumed, the eco friendly cleaner does not utilize chemically based cleaning products. This is due to the fact that chemicals can cause negative long term effects on both the item cleaned and the cleaner. It is highly recommended that one utilize products with minimal or no harmful chemicals.

2. Limiting Packaging

One aspect that reduces the eco friendliness of cleaning products is the continuous purchase of agents in new bottles. This need to purchase new bottles at each time is detrimental to natural resources, especially if the bottle is a non-biodegradable plastic. Yet, it does not have to be this way. In fact, many cleaning products are now utilizing the system of refilling and recycling existing containers. This will reduce the need for artificial packaging and increase the environmental friendliness of the product.

3. Using The Correct Product

Any cleaner can testify that not all cleaning products are effective for different stains. To treat a wood stain one will require a product different to the agent used to clean carpet stains. By using the correct type of product for specific situations, one will reduce the amount of cleaner being used on that item. Furthermore, a decrease in quantity of cleaner will also reduce the amount of effort being placed on the particular task – not only eco friendly but time-effective as well.

4. Reading Labels

Just because a cleaning agent claims to be an eco friendly product, it does not mean it is the best option for one’s specific cleaning situation. The majority of traditional cleaning product companies are now embracing eco friendly cleaning and are creating organic materials; however, this does not mean all the synthetic components have been removed. In order to be a truly eco friendly cleaner one must read the labels to determine what ingredients have been placed in the product.

Eco-Friendly Living For A Healthy Planet

eco friendly transportWhat Does Eco-Friendly Living Mean?

Eco-friendly living means having a lifestyle that is better for the environment. This involves taking small and large steps toward making the earth a safe place for families and generations to come. This lifestyle aims to prevent harm from occurring to the environment by means of adapting ways to promote a clean and green environment. This can also help to combat a number of medical problems caused by pollution and other environment-related health conditions.

Paying attention to small and large things that you can do every day to achieve an eco-friendly living can have a great impact on maintaining a safe, clean and green environment. The following are ways of respecting the environment and contributing to keeping a sustainable earth:

Keeping a garden in your backyard can help you have a sense of appreciation for the earth. You can plant a few flowers, fruits and vegetables. It may help reduce carbon emissions. Aside from that, the fruits and vegetables you’ve grown are safe to be eaten because they are free from harmful pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers.

Walking is a great exercise. It helps improve your health and regulate your blood circulation. If you really want to contribute effectively to environmental protection, don’t drive when you can walk. Walking to work rather than driving will help you on your way to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

You can also try bicycling if you want to get to somewhere quickly. This is environment-friendly because you will not need to burn up fuels. It will help reduce pollution. But if it is really necessary for you to use a car, you can try electric cars, hybrid vehicles and other eco-friendly cars. These types of vehicles are popular in the market nowadays.


a. Reduce – Reducing means cutting down the use of appliances, gadgets, clothes and other kinds of products that we are dependent upon on our daily lives. To live an eco-friendly life means to live a simple life. Use only those things that are really important every day. In this way, you can also save money by using fewer resources daily. As we reduce our consumption of these products, the world would also have less need for energy. Having less need for energy means less pollution and less waste.

b. Reuse –Reusing means a Zero Waste lifestyle. Purchase products that are reusable or purchase used products. You must think first before buying any product. If you only need it temporarily, consider borrowing from a friend. You should also consider what you really need. Do not use disposable products. If possible, replace all disposable things like battery, cups and food storage with reusable products.

c. Recycle – You should get yourself involved in different activities of your community about recycling. Plastic bottles, product packages, CDs and DVDs and paper are the most common recyclable things. These can also help you earn money.

d. Repair – Instead of throwing out your broken chair, faded bookshelf or ripped sofa, repair those items. This can cut down waste and can help you save money as well.


Water is one of the most abundant resources that are taken for granted. We always think that we are paying for the water bills so we can use it anytime we want to. But we think that water conservation can help prevent water pollution in lakes, rivers and local watersheds.

Conserving water at home can be done by checking pipes, faucets and toilets for leaks. You should also take shorter showers. A four-minute shower uses up to 40 gallons of water. Simple things like using the water you used for rinsing clothes when you are cleaning the bathroom.

When you are washing your hands and brushing your teeth, make sure that water from the faucet is not running continuously. When washing your hands, you can use a basin and fill it with water for rinsing.


Energy is also one of the earth’s resources that is unlimited, that’s why people are taking advantage of it. Energy uses materials such as oil and coal from the earth, and factories produces large amount of pollution, so saving energy also means preventing pollution. The less energy you use, the less pollution you make.

You should reduce your consumption of energy including electricity, gas and even the fuel consumption of your car. You can cut down on your electric power usage at home by making a chart on your electricity usage for the past months. From there, you should identify the applications that are causing electrical consumption to rise. Simple things like switching off the lights when not in use, ironing clothes once or twice a week and reducing the use of heaters and boilers also help in reducing electrical consumption.

Improve Your Life With Organic Foods And Healthy Living

organic produce marketWhile most people may wish they could easily improve their life with just a few changes, they may not realize how complex it really can be to enact lasting changes. It can be very helpful to know you can easily start to see positive effects in your life by simply starting with a healthier diet. This is a key starting point that can lead to a cascade effect, an ideal starting point to any lifestyle improvement efforts you may choose to make. Here are some of the changes that people will want to start to use to help them in getting the healthier life they want to have.

Food Changes

While most people will head to a grocery store to get their food, it may not in fact be the best place to shop. Unfortunately our usual grocery stores don’t always have a great range of organics available. However, with farmers markets growing in popularity there should be no great difficulty in getting fresh organic produce for most people.

By choosing fresh organic foods, people are going to get food that has less in the way of chemical exposure, but also have less time sitting on the shelf. This in turn is going to lead to several benefits that people will be able to enjoy for the long term for their health and happiness overall.

– Quite a few studies have shown that the vitamin content found in the organically raised and certified organic food tends to be quite a bit higher. The reason for this varies, but in most cases it is because of how the food has been raised or grown while people are handling it on the farm. Since this is the case, people will be able to get more vitamins from the food and know that it is going to provide them with the vitamin content boost they want to have and not have to be concerned about the food not providing them with the great taste they are accustomed to.

– Taste is a matter of preference in most cases. However, one thing that a lot of people will notice is that organic food, because of how it is handled, planted, and shipped will have more of the earthy type of taste than many people are used to having. However, for some kids who do not want to eat their vegetables, it is going to be a good idea to take and have them try some of the organic foods as they tend to have a better taste profile and this can easily take a kid who thinks their broccoli tastes bland into loving it so much they eat an entire pot at once.

– Availability of the foods that people enjoy is constantly expanding in the organic produce and food world as well. While some people think that some items, like cookies, can only be found in the traditional shelves, they need to realize this is not always the case. So people will quickly notice that they are often able to find their favorite foods as an organic line or even better find the exact same food with an organic label on them which is going to provide people with a healthier alternative to the traditional style of food.


While most people will get off to a good start of transforming their life with their diet, most people need to take it a step further and start to exercise as well. By exercising, it is going to be easier for people to be able to see the changes that are happening because of the way they are living their life. Here are some of the simple exercises that almost anyone can do and will help to lead to a healthy lifestyle for people.

– Walking is one of the most common things that people do each day, but they may not even realize this can be done as an exercise as well. However, by simply increasing the amount of walking that people are doing daily, they will be able to get in shape and know that they can finally be able to enjoy life again.

– Simple weight training is something else most people are able to do as well. With the simple weight training people will just take some very light weights and do some curls with the weights or have some ankle weights on while moving about. This way people will be able to get into shape while walking or doing some other simple actions.

While most people always talk about wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, they often are all talk and no action. This is when people should know more about the way they can start to improve their life by getting organic foods and changing their exercise routine. By knowing about these two simple changes, people will be able to move closer to the active, healthy lifestyle they want to create and know they are working towards an improved life.

Enjoying Good Health and Natural Living

walking in natureIt is a fact that, for the most part, we live in a very sedentary society, where the bulk of our time is spent working at an occupation and spending our leisure time in activities that do not involve much in the way of exercise. If we work in an office, much of our time is spent in one place, usually sitting down. If we work in a profession, a factory, or in other workplace settings, we are still not doing all that much in the way of exercising such as we should.

It is important then, that we recognize this aspect of our life, and take measures to counter all of this inactivity. Our bodies require an adequate amount of daily exercise because it helps our circulation, our heart, and the stimulation of the muscles so they continue to function properly as we lead our daily lives.

Walking is still one of the best ways to exercise that there is. It is not hard on our joints and it can be done just about anywhere, even indoors in your house. People need to be careful, however, when they walk along busy thoroughfares, as things are not really as safe as they seem.

People become familiar with a daily route along a busy street, and they assume that everyone is watching out for them, while the truth of the matter is really just the opposite. People do not pay close attention to objects, vehicles or people who are along side the road while driving, and one little mistake or moment of inattention can be disastrous, if not fatal.

Pick an area to walk that is safe, such as a shopping mall, a track at a school or places where there are sidewalks and walking trails. If you can walk for 30 minutes per day, you will go a long way towards getting the exercise that you need.

Diet is a very important aspect of your overall health. We live in a society that worships all of the wrong kinds of foods. Foods that are high in sugar content, processed flour and additives are killing us way before we should be passing away, and yet we are in total control of what we eat, but are many times ignorant of the effects of our diets.

Look on the labels and find all of the ingredients that you cannot pronounce. Then look up what they really mean and you will be shocked at the chemical content. Any time you see corn syrup, that translates into sugar. The average American eats about 8 to 10 tablespoonfuls of sugar every day and they don’t know it.

Sugar is the main reason that we are suffering from an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and circulatory and heart problems. Of course we love our desserts, such as pies, cakes, and cookies, not to mention ice cream.

Sugar is addictive, and the processed sugar that is in most of our foods has zero nutritional value, and is only there to attract you to eat it. Once you develop the taste for sugar, you are hooked. Sugar turns into fat cells, and it clogs us up. The first thing anyone needs to do is get off of the refined sugar, and any kind of sugar as much as possible, then you have turned the corner towards getting your diet under control.

Learn to love vegetables. Leafy green vegetables, such as lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, and all of those, will flood your system with antioxidants and healthy vitamin C, A, and D. Get off of the beef. Our beef is factory raised in feed lots where they fill the beef cattle with hormones, antibiotics, and they eat GMO feeds to boot.

When you eat beef, you are getting a dose of all of that, and extra hormones you don’t need. If possible, stick with organic or freshly grown poultry and fish. Fish ideally should come from the cold water ocean. Stay away from anything from China, as you really don’t know how they are raised and slaughtered there. There are more and more farmer’s markets springing up all over the place. Get your local produce and lean meats there if you can.

Beans and other legumes are good sources of protein and if you have a reasonable portion of them each day, you will find that you don’t get as hungry, and so you will eat less. Cantaloupes are one of the best foods you can learn to eat, and watermelon is good too. Fruits such as peaches, apples, pears, and grapes are good for you. They are good for desserts. An apple a day will keep the doctor away.

Educate yourself by going online, or go to the local health food store and get some recipes for healthy foods, then learn how to prepare them. You just have to take control and make the decision that you can live a more natural and healthier life. You just have to do it.

Leading A Natural Lifestyle

meditationLifestyle is a very important thing to look at especially in the modern day where things are taking a turn towards the increasingly artificial. The way you lead your day to day life is a very important thing, as it plays an important role in determining the number of years you live and your quality of life.

It is important that your lifestyle follows as closely as possible to the way nature intended. I strongly believe most of the deaths that occur in the world today are caused by health conditions that are associated with heavy reliance on factors that are not optimal for humans. As the saying goes, prevention is far much better than cure. This saying can surely be justified when looking at the lifestyles people choose to lead and the way these factors relate to the longterm health of these individuals.

However many people find themselves in a hard situation when the question on how to lead a natural lifestyle comes into play. This question is very easy as long as you do not become overwhelmed into inaction. Remember that there are a number of tips that can be followed quite simply to ensure that you can live a lifestyle more in keeping with your needs as a human being.

A natural lifestyle is a very collective thing as it entails a number of things that work hand in hand to achieve the overall goal of living closer to nature. This is very important as it is directly related to achieving optimal physical, emotional, spiritual health. Additionally, when you adopt a more natural way of living, we all see the benefits to our environment and the wellbeing of those around us.

Most of the natural things in the modern day are seen to have very minimal side effects to the body of an individual. Below are a number of tips that can be followed to ensure that you achieve a natural lifestyle.

Check On The Food You Are Eating

Food is very important when taking a careful look at your overall lifestyle. This is mainly because food is the most basic need and every person in the world needs food for survival. Food is therefore a very massive thing that can make or break your attempt to live closer to nature.

There are a number of different types of foods that are available in the modern day today. Amidst these food categories, the ones that we are really concerned with are the natural ones and the processed ones or inorganic ones. The processed foodstuffs are often full of chemicals that have no benefit for human beings, and you should try to avoid them as much as possible. You should always go for the organic foods and although they are relatively expensive they are worth the money in terms of protecting your overall health.

You should also be very careful when you are preparing your food. Take care not to add things to your meals that are damaging to human health. Food should be prepared in a natural and healthful way to protect the natural benefits contained therein.

Check On The Beauty Products That You Use

Beauty products are very crucial in the modern day. This is apparent in the sheer number and range of beauty products that are available in the market today. Like the case with your food, these beauty products are also classified into the natural ones and the processed ones which are seen to contain chemical products. The natural products are very crucial to leading a natural lifestyle and these substances are seen to have even more benefits to your skin than the chemically processed ones. For people who have been using these chemically processed products, many can attest to the fact that they have experienced a number of side effects that affect largely the skin and may lead to a number of diseases and problems. The natural products have been seen to have vitamins that are very beneficial to your skin, while having fewer side effects.

Ensure You Keep Fit

Exercise is a very important way of keeping your body in good shape. There are any number of exercise methods you can use to keep your body fit and this is a very crucial way to keep your energy, vitality and health. Exercise is very important as it keeps your body active and this is beneficial to the proper running of the body organs. Keeping fit and engaging in exercises helps you reduce the incidence of a number of diseases that may affect the body.

Manage Your Stress And Moods

Your mental condition is also very important in ensuring that you lead an optimal lifestyle. These things may seem to have very minimal effects but in a very real sense, they have a significant effect on your body condition. You should learn positive coping methods for mediating stress and bad moods as much as possible. These things are the reason behind a number of several diseases such as blood pressure among others.


Simple Clean Living Can Take All the Complications Out Of Your Life

simple livingIt is a sad fact that in spite of the many technological devices that most of us have at our command, life has become a struggle and a constant rush to meet deadlines, obligations and chores. This leads to increase in stress and can lead to a breakdown of health. Quite often, people are tired of being tired and look for ways to get back to simple clean living, in every way they can.

You can take charge of your life and live it the way that suits you, if you take steps to promote a life style that is pared down and simplified. Start with getting rid of your obsession with your smart phones. Remember those days when there were no phones around, and life went on as usual. So learn to limit the use of your phone and keep it switched off, when you do not want to be disturbed. You will be surprised as to how easily your friends and relatives will adjust to this your being out of touch, as long as you have defined times when you will respond to calls. Televisions seem to be switched on at almost all hours of the day and do take away a lot of attention from our doing other jobs that need to be done around a home. Confine your television watching to some fixed times in the evening or night and once you get used to this schedule you will wonder why you never saw this easy solution to simplify your life before.

Look around your home. It is more than certain that you will find your cupboards and storage spaces full of things that you have not used or have no use for in the immediate future. Pile them all up in the garden and start a bonfire, or better still, find some charity that is looking for all the things that you do not need. There are many people in the world who have very few possessions, and will always be glad to take off your hands that which is not necessary for you. Simplifying your wardrobe is one easy way of moving towards back to basics living. Go through it in detail and you will find clothes in them that have not seen the light of day for months at a time. If you could have done without them for such long periods, you can probably do without them forever.

Have you really looked at the how much you spend just because you have the money to spare or credit cards that make it so easy to indulge your whims and fancies? Make sure that every time you look at anything in a shop window that you think you should have, you reflect on whether you really need it. If you think you cannot live without it, indulge yourself, but not before you think of ways of disposing of whatever is being used for that purpose at the present.

Make sure that the food you eat is wholesome and not of the processed kind. Slow cooked meals are better than the ready to eat stuff and will lead you towards a far healthier diet that can be of real advantage. You do not have to entertain and constantly host dinners. Think back on how stressed you feel when you have accepted an invitation to some body’s party and quite often had a reluctance to attend. Do not make others go through this same strain and complicate their lives. It is much better, if you take yourself to the park, or go for a walk and meet the nice people that have had the same idea.

Make your life much simpler by doing this clutter reduction in your work as well. Make it a point to always have an inbox that is almost empty, because you have replied to all your mail. Never procrastinate and allow things to pile up. Stop subscribing to newsletters that you rarely open, and get over your obsession of having to be constantly available on social sites like Facebook. You managed without them before and can do so once again. Use them as reminders to greet friends on their birthdays and anniversaries and not as a regular means of communication.

Spend some time with yourself and your family, even if it means just being in a room with them. Get hold of some good books, bring a pet into the home and do basic things like attending to your garden. Live in the present and stop worrying about the future. Never keep thinking of what is past and you cannot undo, and if you think you have made a mistake and need to apologize to someone, do it now and let the incident be behind you. See if you can live with less than a hundred things in your life, and you will find it in the long run it really makes no difference to your life and leads you to simple clean living.