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Re: Overpopulation in prisons

In case you didn't know, a lot of realtors use this great service to research their properties.
Mecklenburg Country keeps records of land use, home sales, land values, tax, in fact pretty much anything you could think of (another reason to remain as anonymous on the 'net as possible)
Anyway to unleash the stalker (or realtor) in you, here is a link to the website - which may be common knowledge to most. If not, it is pretty fun to play around with

Much like anything related to government, it is clumsy, and doesn't work very well- (maybe it will attack an Iraqi website later), but it is fun to check out.
Start out by checking your house out - most will have a picture of your fine dwelling too. When you are confident, move up to junior stalker and check out how much tax your neighbor paid last year, if they cosigned for their house, or even what they paid for it. Razz

Ok, once you able to surprise the Joneses next door by telling them you know what their tax bill was last year, why not make them gasp in awe at your internet detective skills by printing out a copy of the accident report from their last accident. Let Bob Jones feel like a chump when he realizes you know about the time he rear-ended that Lexus outside Dean & Deluca at Stonecrest. By the way, it is only for Mecklenburg county, so your wife's fender bender outside Concord Mills won't show up.

By now you have earned the title of "Junior Stalker", and have earned not only the respect of your drinking buddies, but also your neighbors are by now looking at you as though you are some kind of divine oracle, perhaps the "Miss Cleo" of your cul-de-sac. Take it a step further - why not embarrass poor Bob Jones at the next block party by whipping out his arrest record and mugshot ? Head on over to the Mecklenburg County arrest record search, and find out the only thing your neighbor has something in common with Rodney King.

Hatches and dispatches (birth and deaths). Yes, so while Bob Jones was serving time in lockup, Mrs Jones may have been doing more than writing letters to poor incarcerated Bob. Check out the Mecklenburg Register of Deeds and do the math on their last child - you know, the one with the curly hair and speech impediment.

You have know honed your skills to near God-like. Your neighbors whisper behind your back, you have destroyed poor Bob Jone's marriage, and people live in fear of your ninja like ability. Your wife wonders what you are doing in front the computer screen late at night, but seems to be relieved your porn habit is waning.

Congratulations on achieving "Internet Ninja" status (in Meck County at least) - now go post something.

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Overpopulation in prisons

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